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About Us

 Established over 20 years ago in Canada, Coletech has been producing the finest high end
millwork on the market and offers the most comprehensive range of wood and design
 for both commercial and residential clientele.

 Through the years we have assembled a remarkable team of designers, technicians,
craftsmen, finishers and artisans who together have made the company one of the
industry’s leading manufacturers.
Much like a master tailor makes a suit that fits the individual perfectly, our craftsmen
tailor pieces to suit your individual taste. Shaping and fitting them into spaces of different sizes,
shapes and architectural styles is demanding work. If the ultimate goal is
complete customer satisfaction, It can only be achieved by the hands of a truly skilled and
highly gifted craftsman.
All our products and finishes are thoroughly tested and must meet rigorous standards
before they can be considered for introduction into the company product line. Striving to
maintain the strict standards of quality that have helped Coletech achieve international
acclaim, while at the same time increasing product availability, is one of the greatest
challenges. However, automated computerized machinery has never taken priority over
the craftsman’s hand.

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